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About Jesma

Jesma develops, manufactures and sells weighers and weighing systems for static, dynamic and continuous weighing.
The success of Jesma is based on knowledge and innovation combined with theoretical and practical skills; and by means of this combination, Jesma is in the forefront with the development and is able to guarantee a highly professional weighing solution living up to any system requirements.
The company continuously strives to improve products and service to customers, by means of a targeted education policy and ongoing product development.


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Company profile

Jesma has a close cooperation with customers,
suppliers and research institutes, and strives to offer
customers the most efficient and productive weighing
solution, where quality is a natural part of the delivery.
Weighing and dosing technique is Jesma’s specialty,
and products are designed with focus on reliability,
flexibility and usability.

Jesma offers standard- as well as customer specific solutions
whether it is a complete dosing system or just special software
for a static weighing solution.

Jesma has established a unique and acknowledgeable service and
calibration concept. The essence of the service concept is to reduce
the company's individual costs in connection with unforeseen
production breakdowns and unintended wear of the weighers
and weighing systems.

The concept includes service, maintenance, traceable calibration
and verification of all types of weighers and weighing systems, and is adjusted
to the individual company’s requirements for documentation.

History and Key Milestones

The Jesma name goes back more than 100 years, where the main production was transport- and dosing systems for the grain, feed and fishmeal industry. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s Jesma became an international company who amongst others built turn-key plants world-wide.

Today Jesma is operated as a 100% fully owned Danish company, with about 25 talented employees.

  • 1913

    Standard vægtfabrik

  • 1978

    Jesma was created

    Berendsen Group bord up Hans Jessens Maskinfabrik, Smidt & sønner, Matadorfabrikkerne. The name Jesma was created out of the tree companies names.

  • 1988

    Company expansion

    Jesma was sold out of the company group and continued as a sole company.

  • 1994

    Horsens Vægtfabrik

    Acquisition of Horsens Vægtfabrik.

  • 2004

    Next generation

    Generation changes - Palle Serup took over the company.

  • 2009

    Relocation to Helsingørvej in Vejle

    In the spring of 2009 Jesma moved to a new head office at Helsingørvej in Vejle. The relocation gave the possibility for establishing a test center, where the engineers can work with new products.

    It is also possible for the customer to send in materials for testing in order for the weighing solution to be made with the specific material in mind.

  • 2010

    Service department

    Acquision of Dansk Vægtindustri - service department.

  • 2011

    We're in Poland

    Founding Jesma PL

  • 2012

    We're in Germany

    Founding Jesma DE

  • 2015

    We're in Netherlands

    Acquisition of Solids Instruments NL and founding of Jesma NL.

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