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– Reliable precision….

At Arla Foods in Samden, Denmark, they wished to improve the accuracy in the relation between the flow and the addition of additives. Their wish was simply to attain the best possible accuracy between the varied flow and the desired additive. In other words, when the flow went up, the additive also had to go up and vice versa. First and foremost, it was important that the additives were accurately dosed, but Arla also wished some sort of certainty that a possible addition error would be registered and stopped immediately.

Arla is very much aware of the importance of a functional system, as a wrongly added substance may destroy the total mixing. Jesma suggested implementing VDI loss-in-weight systems. The purpose of the systems was to handle the addition of additives and at the same time monitor that there were no errors in the addition. In case this happened, it was important that the systems could report this to the superior system.

In other words, Jesma was able to comply with both an extremely high accuracy in the addition of additives, and at the same time securing that a possible error in the addition of additives would be registered and stopped immediately.

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