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Jesma has a large selection of weight control units to fit both standard and customer adapted solutions.
If you are not sure what weight control unit will cover your need please contact our competent sales staff.

Weight Control Systems

JesTronic 500

Control Unit - JesTronic 500

Jesma JesTronic 500

is a user-friendly control unit, designed for flow rate measurement and regulation of weigh feeders, belt scales, flow scalesand loss-in-weight systems.The display provides guide texts and function keys makes the operation of theunit very user-friendly.

With the JesTronic display it is possible to connect up to 10 individual transmitters and when using PC or PLC up to 32 transmitters can be controlled.The well-known tested software, with a strong technological foundation and experience gained from installations worldwide, forms the basis of the reliable weight controller JesTronic 500.

The JesTronic 500 control unit consist of a CPU module and an indicator, which is used for calibrating, and to provide the status display of the operating system.The CPU includes a calibration and settings module. The module saves and holds all calibration and scale settings, and it can be removed and re-used in new hardware or transmitters.


Control Unit - WC-9604

Jesma Weightcontrol 9604

is an advanced computer-based control unit for automatic weighers. WC9604 is well-suited for weighing processes with continuous weighers and loss-in-weight systems.
WC9604 controls continuous weighing and dosing processes which include powder and crumble material flow and dosing of liquids.

Based on many years experience in designing industrial process solutions the WC9604 meets today’s requirements to speed, reliability and precision.Top quality weighing electronics combined with advanced measuring technique, dataconvertion and a strong micro processor offer technical advantages which ensure superior function under high process speeds to the user.WC9604 is in operation in weighing and dosing systems in many of the tested function areas of Jesma, but also in many other new-developed automatic processes requiring few operator interventions and systems easy to operate.

The Weightcontrol design is very user-friendly with guide texts in display and internationally used function keys according to EC standards. A well-known tested software with a strong technological foundation and experience gained from installations worldwide from the basis of a reliable weight control.The WC9604 is flexibly constructed with variants suited for both simple and more complicated weighing jobs.

DAS 72.1

Control Unit - DAS 72.1

DAS 72.1

performs static or semi-dynamic measurements in hostile, industrial environments where reliability and security are of major importance. The DAS provides both digital and analog data from weighing- and measuring operations based on loadcells. In addition dual, programmable logic input and output permit various remote operations. Set-up and calibration is made extremely simple, i.e. the DAS is designed to enable field calibration direct from a known load cell sensitivity.

IT8000E Bulk

Control Unit - IT8000 Bulk

IT8000E Bulk

IT8000E Bulk -Approvable weight controller for JesIntake scales

IT8000E BULK is a universal bulk and batch weighing controller for shipping and receiving bulk material.
The Bulk controller is normally used in connection with the JesIntake scale from Jesma.
The controller captures the weight of incoming material and fills outgoing shipments to a pre-set target weight.

IT8000E BULK controls the filling process through screw feeders, slide gates or flaps for up to 128 silos.

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