Bulk material handling

Bulk material and powder handling

Bulk materials such as sugar, minerals, plastics, ash, and various other powders are essential components across numerous industries, including food, animal feed, metals, and minerals, among others. Each type of product or powder possesses unique physical properties, leading to distinct handling behaviors. Consequently, a system effective for one type of bulk solid may not be suitable for another. Utilizing incorrect weighing solutions can result in decreased product quality and productivity.

Why choose Jesma for bulk material handling?

With over 100 years of expertise in weighing and weighing solutions, Jesma is your trusted partner in selecting the optimal weighing solution tailored to your product requirements. We understand the complexities of bulk material handling and offer comprehensive guidance to ensure efficient and precise handling of diverse bulk solids.

Machinery for bulk material handling

Jesma provides a range of advanced machinery designed specifically for bulk material handling. Our solutions are engineered to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety in handling bulk solids across various industries.

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