Akzo Nobel Salt is the only salt producer in Scandinavia. At Akzo Nobel Salt they wished to measure the internal conveyance of raw materials from production to packing. Akzo Nobel Salt contacted Jesma, originally with the wish for other weigher types. But due to a close co-operation between Poul Jakobsen, Akzo Nobel Salt and Jesma, it was clear that it concerned both belt feeders and intake-outloading scales. We agreed to insert a belt feeder solution, as the salt was transported on a conveyor belt in 4 different places. Simultaneously, we agreed to insert a smaller intake-outloading scale VGE for 2-5 t/h per line.

At Akzo Nobel Salt they have two different lines, respectively for GMP and FFP salt, which is specially intended for medical use, and requires frequent cleaning. Also the space available in the factory was narrow.

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