Can you dose accurately based on the relation between flow and additive?

The answer is YES! Arla Foods, Samden Denmark had to improve the accuracy in the relation between the flow and the addition of additives.  What they wanted was to obtain he best possible accuracy between the flow and the desired additive.

Meaning when the flow went up or down, so did the amount of additive dosed.  First and foremost, accurate dosing is the key.

Possible addition errors also needed to be registered, so the mixing could be stopped as fast as possible.

Wet-mix products are very demanding to produce, as we operate with very expensive raw materials which are dosed in large amounts. A possible error in the production will be very expensive. At the same time, the products contain several additives, which are to be added in 100% precise amounts. An error in the additive mix will destroy the rest of the product

Engineer Allan Petersen – Arla Foods Samden, Denmark

Jesma’s Loss-In-Weight (LIW) solution is at created for Arla’s challenge, being able to handle addition, monitoring of the flow and watch for errors om the addition at the same time. The LIW not monitors it also registers possible errors and stops the dosing process immediately, while maintain high accuracy during the entire dosing process.

Today we have three Jesma loss-in-weight systems, which fully complies with our high quality standards. They are all part of our large mixing system, and are both functional and accurate. At the same time, the weighers are easy to operate, as they calculate the dosing’s from specific requirements and are very reliable

Engineer Allan Petersen – Arla Foods Samden, Denmark


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