Keeping up with tolerances, even at low capacities

Danlind, acq. McBride, leading producers of washing powder, faced a challenge where their existing equipment was not able to keep up to their high-quality standards. Due to fluctuating product capacities, adjustments were often need in the equipment resulting in down time.

Jesma supplied JesBelt-A weighers with a guaranteed accuracy of +/-0,5%, however test shows that a 0,2% accuracy is reachable.

The JesBelts’ are part of a fully automatic set-up. For example, depending on layer thickness, high or low, the inlets are equipped with actuators that opens and closes the slides depending on which capacity the weigher should run with.

We were looking for a professional partner within the weighing area and we found Jesma!!!  The good cooperation surprised us positively. The flexibility at Jesma meant that we could order the process weighers according to our special requirements. Our demand to accuracies is very high and to ensure the quality of our products, we therefore set very high demands to the process equipment we use. 

Factory Manager Otto Kiørboe, Danlind now McBride

Self-cleaning process weighers

The focus was not only on significantly improving the accuracies, but also the advantage of having reliable and sturdy production equipment.

The JesBelt-As’ have minimal need for maintenance, all the weighers have automatic cleaning bottoms. In other words, it enables the operator to start a cleaning of the JesBelts in regular intervals. Which ensures, that they are kept clean and thereby avoiding accumulation of dust causing the weighers to stop.

We are very satisfied with the weighers from Jesma; they fully live up to our demands for accuracy and stability. The cooperation has worked very well. We have had a good dialog, Jesma listened to our needs and there after delivered exactly the product we needed.

We are in no doubt that we will contact our partner Jesma, next time we need process weighing equipment”.

Factory Manager Otto Kiørboe, Danlind now McBride

Jesma’s JesBelt-A solution for Danlind improved accuracy even at low capacities, minimizing the need to adjust the scales all the time and in turn reducing downtime.

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