Flow measurement and additive dosing, a two scale solution.


Lantmännen, a leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy, and food products, needed to measure the flow in their flour production while adding an additive in relation to the flow amount at the same.

Earlier on it has been very difficult for us to find a good and simple solution of how we could find the actual flow. It is of great importance to us, that we know the exact flow, as we add additives in relation to the flow. If we then have a non-constant flow, this will automatically affect the complete mixing.

Torben Bodin, Operation manager Lantmännen, Denmark

Combination of two scales solved the challenge.

Jesma determined from dialogue with the customer that a JesFlow would be the solution for flour flow measuring and a Loss-in-weight system subsequently would ensure the addition of the additive.

As it is of vital importance for lantmännen that the mixing ratio is as indicated and always uniform, it was necessary for us to change our strategy to attain the quality required.

Torben Bodin, Operation manager Lantmännen, Denmark

The two systems are set-up as a master slave relation. This means that one is the master, the flour, and the additive the slave. Ensuring an even mixing ratio at all times.

When Lantmännen sieves and re-circulates the flour through 3-4 different sieves, the material flow can vary from 95% to 105% of the ideal capacity. This is exactly the process which the new weighing system optimizes and thereby ensuring and maintaining a high quality standard.


A successful solution from Jesma

Earlier on we were forced to mix on a cross between volumetric and gravimetric mixing.  With the new technology, we aimed for the most optimum solution – and with this new method we only mix gravimetrically. Our attitude is clear – the process must be controlled in the best technological way possible. The running-in of the system has been perfect and the new solution is a success.

Torben Bodin, Operation manager Lantmännen, Denmark

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