… As it is of vital importance for Lantmännen Unibake that the mixing ration is as indicated and always uniform, it was absolutely necessary for us to change our strategy to attain the quality required.

Torben Bodin, Operations Manager Lantmännen, Vejle – Denmark.

Earlier on it was hard to find a good and simple solution for how to find the actual flow, knowing the flow and being able to control it; is very important. As it is of vital importance for Lantmännen to have a uniform mixing ratio.

Lantmännen Unibake is one of Europe’s leading producers and suppliers of high-quality bread and pastries solutions to both food service and retail operators. Lantmännen Unibake, Denmark needed a way to measure the flour production and at the same time add an additive in relation to the current flow.

Optimization and quality assurance 

Jesma offered a JesFlow for the measuring of flour flow and a loss-in-weight system VDI that could ensure the addition of substances. Where the two weighing systems would function together in a master/slave relation, the material flow being the master and the substance the slave.

The new system secures a constant uniform mixing ratio, before they mixed both volumetrically and gravimetrically as opposed to now where the new technology allows them to mix only gravimetrically. At Lantmännen they have a clear attitude: the process has to be controlled in the best possible way technologically. When the flour is sieved and recirculated through 3-4 different sieves, the material flow may vary from 95-105% of the ideal capacity – and it’s exactly this process the new weighing system optimized and quality assures.

Case story