Concrete and cement

For industries producing, distributing or otherwise handling concrete or cement, using the right piece of weighing technology is crucial.
Whether the task is the tracking of inbound raw materials, or consumption of materials during production and processing, or dispatch of final product, accurate systems for weighing and dosing plays an essential role through every step.

Cement is made up of a combination of a mix of many different agents such as calcium, limestones, fly ash, and other raw materials and ingredients. Weigh belts and dosing equipment are used in cement processing to control, measure, document and provide a consistent flow of the of raw- and finished material throughout the process.

To obtain and then maintain that necessary accuracy when weighing and dosing in such a demanding environment, where sensitive equipment is repeatedly required to perform under strenuous conditions, strenghth, endurance and reliability become key factors. That is why when we at Jesma design weighing and dosing solutions for the concrete and cement industry, we make sure they are as tough, as they are precise.


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