Jesma over time, here since 1918 

Continuously developing


We can trace our history back more than 100 years, starting in 1918 with J. Mikkelsen buying 1 pc. Scale. The Jesma name was however not introduced until the 1970’s but has since become a synonym for high accuracy, high quality weighing- and dosing solutions.

Today Jesma is a 100% Danish-owned company, part of Jesma Group and with 50+ employees split between 4 countries, 3 companies, that together makes up Jesma Group.


New land acquisition!

Our newest Polish adventure, we invested in a piece of land. That hopefully in the future will be our new Polish office location.


New look and Jesma Group

In 2020, Jesma and the newly formed Jesma Group – Jesma, PMW, S-E-G. Got a new look, focusing on continuous development of both companies and employees. Our J-icon making Jesma Group visible by being integrated throughout our 3 companies.


PMW Engineering A/S joins Jesma

Jesma, managing director. P. Serup, expands our range in the process and packing industry by acquiring the Roskilde, DK based company PMW Engineering A/S. pictured: M.D. Jesma Palle Serup and Previous owner Per Weiss


Acquisition of SEG Instrument AB, SE

In 2020 Owner of Jesma P. Serup acquired the Stockholm based SEG Instrument. With a complimentary product range within Industrial Weighing, the acquisition was seen as strengthening Jesma and the market position of both companies.


Nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2020

We´re very proud of our 2020 nomination for EY´s Entrepreneur of the Year, which was the second year in a row we had the pleasure of being nominated.


Jesma Test Center Laboratory

The newest addition to our Test Center, the Jesma laboratory, in which we perform tests on bulk solids materials, this to help our customers choose the most optimal type of weighing equipment for their product needs.


New facilities and new test center opens

Jesma expands, adding an extra building to our Helsingørvej location.


Winner of ’DI initiativpris’

The price is given to a small & medium sized company that has contributed with growth and initiatives. In 2012 Jesma won the prices with the words “you are expansive, you bet on development and you are exponents of an active business policy”


Winner of 'Årets rummeligste virksomhed'

The price is given for "a company and an individual who have made an extra effort to help vulnerable citizens back on the labor market in Vejle Municipality."


Jesma Sp.z.oo Poland

Welcome to the family Jesma Poland. Our Polish subsidiary opens and is still going strong to this the day


Acquisition of ‘Dansk Vægt industri’ – DAVI

Jesma acquires DAVI, which is incorporated into to Jesma as what is known today as the service department.


Moving time - Jesma relocates to newly built domicile - Helsingørvej

New buildings are done and Jesma is relocated to a new address – Our current Helsingørvej 18 in Vejle, DK


P. Serup buys Jesma

Current managing director P. Serup acquires Jesma.


Acquisition of Horsens vægtfabrik

Horsens vægtfabrik is acquired by and incorporated into Jesma.


Jesma's out on our own two feet

Berendsen Group sells Jesma, Jesma is now a standalone company.


Jesma name comes into existence

Berendsen Group buys Hans Jessens Maskinfabrik, Smidt & sønner, Matadorfabrikkerne. The name Jesma was created out of the tree companies’ names.


The 1st scale sold.

As far back as we can trace the company, the 1st scale is bought by J. Mikkelsen.

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