JesBelt D

Weigh Feeder & Belt Scale

Modern process industries are often characterized by the lack of sufficient space. With its simple and compact construction, the JesBelt D provides a perfect alternative to insert a reliable weigh feeder in positions normally not accessible.

The Jesbelt D consists of a conveyor belt suspended in two supporting profiles. The belt runs on high precision turned end rollers and stainless belt running plates at inlet and discharge. The belt is provided with an adjustable nylon scraper which effectively cleans the belt at the discharge roller, and the belt is guided by a height adjustable edge guide. For multi purpose adjustment possibilities, the weigh feeder is supplied with a heightadjustable weigh bridge between the side members and running plates.

The load over the entire width of the belt is metered by a single-point load cell,which in combination with a high signal rate incremental encoder (Tacho) providesoptimum signal accuracy to the weigh amplifier.
To provide optimum weighing accuracy the belt is continuously tensioned through the automatic and gravimetric belt tension.


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