Jesma’s dynamic weighing solutions

Jesma’s dynamic weighing program consists of a variety of different types which are suitable for every kind of process weighing. Our dynamic weighing program consist among other of weigh feeders, flow scales, JesIntake bulk weigher, microdosing systems, hopper scales and a few more solutions. Below you will find all our dynamic weighing solutions.

Besides from Jesma’s standard products, Jesma develops customized solutions based on the customers’ individual needs.

What is the difference between static and dynamic weighing?

Weighing is a fundamental process used in various industries to determine the weight of objects. Dynamic- and static weighing differ mainly in the state of the object being weighed.

Static weighing refers to the process of measuring the weight of an object while it’s stationary. This weighing methods is more common in applications where precise measurements of stationary objects are needed.

Dynamic weighing involves measuring the weight of an object while it’s in motion. Unlike static weighing, dynamic weighing takes into account the dynamic forces acting on the object during the measurement process. This weighing methods finds it’s use in scenarios, where objects are continuously moving and need to be weighed accurately as they pass through.

Dynamic weighing solutionDynamic weighing solution

What are the advantages of choosing dynamic weighing?

Dynamic weighing systems can provide real-time weight data rapidly & efficiently as the objects is moving, to maximizes the accuracy and consistency of your production line. This feature is especially useful in quality control and process optimization, allowing for immediate adjustments based on weight fluctuations.