Jesma Aqua Line: Food industry scales

Hygienic design of Jesma’s well known and high-quality weighing equipment – food industry scales for the wet- and hygienic industries.

In the food industry, precision, hygiene, and durability are paramount. Jesma, a name synonymous with quality weighing equipment, takes a leap with its innovation – the Aqua Line. This hygienic design, crafted from stainless steel and with an IP rating usable in the harsh food processing industry.

Versatility across food industries.  

Food industry scales from the Aqua Line find their application across a spectrum of food industries, offering solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each sector. These industries include:

  • Poultry
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Ready meal
  • Pet food
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit and berries

The diverse range of weighing tasks within the food industry demands precision and versatility. Jesma’s food industry scales rise to the occasion, whether it’s bulk weighing of freshly unloaded fish from a vessel or the precise measurement of chicken fillets and red meat for further processing. No task is too sticky, and no environmental surroundings are too harsh for these scales.

Food industry scales

Precise food industry scales from Jesma.

What sets Jesma’s food industry scales apart is its commitment to precision. In the food industry, where accuracy is paramount, these scales deliver consistent and reliable results. Whether it’s measuring ingredients for a ready meal or bulk weighing in a busy processing plant, Jesma’s food industry scales provide the precision needed to maintain the highest quality standards.

Jesma Aqua Line proudly introduces a trio of specialized food industry scales. Each scale is designed to meet the unique challenges of the food industry with efficiency and reliability.

JesBelt A-FG Flex,a modular belt weigh feeder, specially designed for the food industry. Compared to traditional weigh feeders, the design of JesBelt A-FG Flex has been made to ensure easy access to all parts and easy cleaning of the weigh feeder. Constructed for continuous weighing of material transported on a belt, or for regulation of a specific material flow.

JesBelt A-FG, a food grade approved technical weighing solution designed explicitly for the food industry. This thoughtful design ensures ongoing efficiency, making it a reliable choice for continuous material weighing or the regulation of material flow in food production.

JesBelt K, tailored for weighing wet and sticky products. Carefully crafted to meet market demands, this scale is designed to handle the unique characteristics of materials and adapt to the surrounding environment with precision.

Incorporating food industry scales from Jesma Aqua Line. Food industry scales

The incorporation of the food industry scales, JesBelt A-FG Flex, JesBelt A-FG or a JesBelt K amplifies the adaptability and precision of our weighing solutions. Whether it is the continuous weighing of fish, easy cleaning for ongoing efficiency, or addressing the stickiness of certain products Jesma’s food industry scales offer a comprehensive solution for diverse needs in the food industry.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the food industry, Jesma Aqua Line, featuring the food industry scales, JesBelt A-Fish, JesBelt A-FG, and JesBelt K, emerges as a symbol of innovation and reliability. Precision meets practicality in a suite of weighing solutions designed to tackle the unique challenges presented by wet, sticky, and dynamic food processing environments.

What is a weighing scale used for in food processing?

Food industry scales play a crucial role in food processing for various purposes. Here are some key applications:

  • Ingredient measurement: In food production, precise measurement of ingredients is critical to maintaining the quality and consistency of the final product. Weighing scales are used to measure and portion ingredients accurately according to the recipe.
  • Batch processing: In large-scale food processing facilities, products are often produced in batches. Weighing scales help ensure that each batch contains the correct amount of ingredients, leading to uniformity in taste, texture, and quality.
  • Quality control: Weighing scales are used as part of quality control processes to verify that the finished product meets specified weight requirements. This is essential for compliance with regulations and standards.
  • Packaging: Weighing scales are used in packaging processes to ensure that the correct amount is placed in each package. This is critical for meeting labeling requirements, preventing underfilling or overfilling, and controlling production costs.
Are food industry scales the same as normal weight scales?

No, the term “food industry scales” typically refers to a scale that is specifically designed for use in the food industry. These scales are used to weigh ingredients, portions, or products in food processing, manufacturing, and packaging. They are designed to meet the specific needs and standards of the food industry, including hygiene and safety requirements.

On the other hand, a “normal weight scale” could refers to a general-purpose scale that is not specifically designed for the food industry. It could be used for various purposes, such as weighing of grain, sand, straw, salt and much more. These scales may not adhere to the same standards and regulations that food industry scales do.

In summary, while both types of scales are used for measuring weight, food industry scales are specialized for use in food-related applications and is designed to meet industry-specific requirements.

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