JesIntake 1000


Throughput Weigher


Throughput scale for intake- and out loading of bulk materials.  Designed for inline weighing of materials such as powders and granulates.

The JesIntake series is suitable for handling high flow rates and is available with very high accuracies. Based on the high accuracies and reliability of the scale the JesIntake-series can be supplied in trade approved versions according to MID, OIML R107 and R61 class 0,2 , 0,5 and higher .

Each project is specified according to the given customer, the Jesintake-series is available in Mild Steel St. 37.2 or Stainless steel AISI 304. The size of the scale depending on the required capacity and product characteristics of the individual project.

All electrical installations are mounted in a dust tight cabinet.

The JesIntake is available in 13 standard sizes.

Standard versions include:

  • Pre-bin with pneumatically operated outlet slides and flanged connection for feeding system.
  • Weigh bin with fully electronic weighing system and pneumatically operated outlet slides
  • Connection branch for aspiration

Additional options:

  • Hardox  covering on inclining surfaces for protection with abrasive materials.
  • After bin


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