Premix and concentrates

In the intricate world of premixes and concentrates, maintaining consistent quality is not just a goal but a necessity. At Jesma, we understand the critical role accurate dosing and weighing play in safeguarding the integrity and value of your products. Whether you’re blending premixes, concentrates, additives, or feed supplements, precision is essential.  

Why accurate dosing matters 

The slightest error in your mixture can jeopardize the entire production process, leading to significant losses in both time and resources. With Jesma’s specialized equipment, you can rest assured that each component is weighed and dosed precisely according to your specified recipe. Our systems are engineered to: 

  • Ensure precise dosing and weighing processes, minimizing variance, and ensuring consistent product quality. 
  • Prevent issues like bridging and hang-ups in bins, optimizing material flow and minimizing downtime. 
  • Minimize cross-contamination between ingredients, maintaining product purity and integrity. 
  • Reduce downtime and human error by automating critical weighing and dosing tasks. 

Meeting industry standards 

In today’s demanding regulatory environment, traceability and accountability are non-negotiable. Our equipment enables you to meet these rigorous standards by providing transparent and traceable dosing records. Accurately accounting for every material added to your mixtures not only enhances product quality but also ensures compliance with industry and consumer documentation requirements. 

Customized solutions for your needs 

We understand that every production process is unique. That’s why we offer tailored solutions for dosing and weighing premixes, concentrates, additives, and more. Our experts work closely with you to design equipment that seamlessly integrates into your workflow, optimizing efficiency and accuracy. 

Partner with Jesma Weighing Solutions 

For over 100 years, Jesma has been a trusted partner in the weighing industry, delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to achieve excellence in production and quality control. Whether you’re in the food, pharmaceutical, or chemical industry, our commitment to precision and reliability ensures that your products meet the highest standards. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Jesma can enhance the precision and quality of your premix and concentrate handling processes.