Quality and Environment

A guarantee for quality – for you as a customer

We believe in consistent quality and continuous development.

Through our business initiatives, our production processes, and our day-to-day business, we seek to maintain high standards for our work, for our partners, and to deliver the same high standards to our customers.

With our quality and environmental policies, we strive to consciously use our resources to deliver, develop, reflect on our impact, and ensure that we are at the forefront of development with our products, processes, and people.

Quality – and environmental policy 

Managing quality, searching for ways to improve, to develop, to help


Quality throughout our processes, proving consistency in our products. So, when you buy Jesma, you get the same high value every time.

Quality Control

We use our QMS system ‘Quality Management System’, to manage our work process to secure conformity in our products and processes.

Continuous improvement

Providing the best service is a goal of ours and we cooperate closely with our customer, colleagues, and partners to find new ways to be even better.


We strive to run our business in a way that has the least possible negative impact on the environment.


Jesma is committed to continuously reduce its own waste and improve recycling rates. Leaning towards sustainable waste management procedures.


There always new and proved ways of reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and production processes.