Recycling and reuse are developing areas and include many different raw materials including metals, papers, plastics and other. Weighing operations is an important factor in any operation.  Accurate weighing of raw materials equals easier documentation, help reduce material wastage, and maintaining a high quality on the production process and the product.

Reliable weighing of large amounts of bulk materials with fluctuating densities and different characteristics

Equipment for the recycling/ reuse industry are often very flexible as it must adapt to meet the requirements for handling different and changing product characteristics such varying flow characteristics for example either very light or very heavy materials.

Intelligent controlling systems secures effortless communication of data

Weighing solutions in reuse/recycling facilities can be used to weigh the raw material brought int the facility, weighing during processing for example control the amount of bulk material that is fed from point A to point B in the production, and weighing of the final recycled product.

To maintain accuracy throughout the equipment life cycle, it is important to considered regular maintenance and calibration to ensure optimal utilization of the weighing solutions potential.