Jesma introduces our robust and dependable conveyor belt scale solution, meticulously designed to provide unmatched accuracy, durability, and adaptability across various operational environments.

Our belt scales are designed to measure flow rates and masses of products transported on conveyors, optimizing operational efficiency, and facilitating accurate traceability. Whether it’s for legal trade, flow indication, control weighing, load out processes, or totalizing production volumes, these belt scales provide the reliability you need.

Tailored solutions for diverse needs

Each belt scale solution is customized to seamlessly integrate into your specific production environment. Our range of belt scale modules – BK, CK, DK, and EK – is designed with specific idler roller combinations, offering unmatched adaptability and precision in measurement.

Belt scale

BK belt scale module: Designed for capacities up to 800 t/h, offered in trough-shaped, V-shaped, or flat.

CK belt scale module: Ideal for capacities up to 3.000 t/h, available in trough-shaped, V-shaped, or flat designs.

DK belt scale module: Suited for high capacities up to 12.000 t/h, offered in trough-shaped, V-shaped, or flat.

EK belt scale module: Designed for capacities ranging from 0.5 to 30 t/h, featuring a flat design.

Precision process weighing with Jesma’s A2 controller

Enhance your belt scale weighing solution with the A2 controller from Jesma. This versatile controller is designed for belt, batch, and flow weighing applications, providing totalizing and flow rate indication functionalities for non-approved weighing operations.

Collaborate with Jesma Weighing Solution to optimize your industrial processes with reliable and accurate belt scale solutions tailored to elevate your operational efficiency and productivity.