Ensure that your weighing equipment is always operating with the highest possible accuracy. Making sure it is calibrated and able to keep with the required tolerances.

Calibration is the process of testing the scale or weighing solution to determine and make sure the required level of accuracy is reached.

Why calibrate my scales?

Wear and tear, mechanical or electric shocks, broken parts or harsh environment can mean that accuracy will degrade. Generally the accuracy of the weighing solution can degrade over time, how much depending on factors such as use and environment.

Regular checking and calibration of your weighing equipment can lower costs that inaccurate weighing can cause. The point being, regular calibration and maintenance of your weighing equipment equals accurate weighing equipment, which in turn contributes to high product quality.

Calibration is used for:

  • Documentation for, for example, quality management systems such as ISO, legal bodies, and the like
  • Quality control and self-control in the production
  • Legal requirements, for example for commercial scales used for buying/ selling products.