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Experience precision in weighing applications with the mass flow meter, providing precise mass flow measurement.

Utilizing mass acceleration instead of gravity, this advanced meter excels at accurately measuring a wide range of challenging materials, such as potash, milk powder, starch, wood pellets, granulates, and minerals, each with their unique densities.

Key features:
  • Precision weighing down to 0.5% accuracy within 40-100% of maximum capacity.
  • CO-B series offers unparalleled repeatability down to 0.1%.
  • Resistant to variations in material density and installation errors, the mass flow meter maintains consistent accuracy.
  • Moreover, with its direct installation within the vertical material path, it ensures optimal performance.
  • Additionally, boasting a fully enclosed design, the mass flow meter not only guarantees a clean working environment but also provides utmost protection against damage.
  • Furthermore, characterized by minimal moving parts and robust construction, the mass flow meter assures stable calibration and long-term reliability.
  • Lastly, the mass flow meter’s unparalleled long-term repeatability makes it the ultimate choice for continuous measuring applications.
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