Dosing system

Dosing Systems and Scales

A high-quality product is characterized by controlled and accurate addition of ingredients. A Dosing system from Jesma enables uniform and consistent dosing with high accuracy.

Each system is adapted to the requirement of the customer, by carefully considering product characteristic, space- and technical requirements


All from powders, minerals, granulates to additives, and much more.

Precise dosing of raw materials from small to big quantities, to dosing of recipes with many different ingredients, to difficult flowing materials – Jesma’s dosing systems maintains the high quality.

A Complete Nano-, Micro, Medi/Macro– Ingredient Dosing system

  • Accurate dosing and weighing of ingredients and additives – ensuring uniform and high end product quality.
  • Minimize manual handling and human errors, increases product automation.
  • Designed to minimize cross contamination and secure high operational reliability.
  • Simple and sturdy design, easy cleaning, easy maintenance.


What’s included in a complete system?

A Dosing system  traditionally consist of a batch scale, silos, dosing Screws, scraper bottoms, Silo deck and much more. – It’s individually tailored to the specific project.

Dosing Scale - Type JesBatch
Emptying devices
Scraper bottom
Dosing Screw
MCC - Control Cabinet
Complete Dosing System
Double - Two-scale dosing system


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