JesHopper® single

Hopper scales

A hopper scale allows the customer to dose product in big batches.

Our single hopper scale consists of a weigh bin, load cells, legs, and space for a chain conveyor. Creating high flexibility and various adjustment possibilities.

The weighing process. 

Material is filled by dosing devices from the top, when the scale has reached the desired amount of material/product, the scale is emptied by the chain conveyor in the bottom of the weigh bin.

When the charge is removed from the bin, the next charge can be initiated.

  • Modular, sections of 600/1200 mm
  • Available prepared for customer/ existing chain conveyor or as complete unit including chain conveyor
  • Easy extensions of the scale for future production expansions.
 Selecting the right JesHopper:

Together with the weighing capacity the hopper scale is primarily selected depending on the numbers of products, the location of the feeder outlets, number of batches and their sizes, and the space requirements in your production.

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