Weighing electronics

The IT8000E is, as a standard, delivered with colour display, keyboard, relays, and power supply. It is built into a mild steel or stainless steel cabinet.

The weight control unit can be delivered with different types of special software BULK, BATCH.

Essential features of the IT8000E are: Maximum throughput, accurate fill control, high operational security, and recording of all batch data.

IT8000E BULK is a universal bulk and batch weighing controller for the shipping and receiving of bulk material.   The IT8000E BULK version is used for the JesIntake-Series and can be used for approved weighing.

IT8000E BATCH,  controller for automatic weighing of solid and liquid materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. The controller connects to load cells or scales of all types and weight ranges.

IT8000 E BW, for belt weigher non-approved dynamic weighing.

IT8000E FW , programmed for flow scales.  The control has a database into which up to 25 products can be entered with the appropriate correction factors.

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