Medi-/macro dosing scale – JesBatch 400-1000 kg

Micro dosing systems and scales

Jesma’s medi-/macro dosing range include three sizes of JesBatch scales -400, -600, and -1000 kg. 

Our medi-/macro dosing scales can be sold as a single unit or as part of a complete dosing system, where scale type is chosen based on desired capacity and hopper volume for the specific application.

Weighing and batching can be carried out after recipe or single product weighing – dosing screws transport material from silos into our conical hopper scale, where your material is weighed and batched with high accuracy and high consistency.

Advantages of our medi-/macro batch scales:
  • Optimum emptying and minimum cross contamination
  • Strong and rigid construction for high operational reliability
  • High accuracy, even with difficult flowing products.
  • Weighing of individual products or according to recipes.
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Our medi-/macro batch scales:
 Static capacity 200-400 kg  Static capacity 200-600kg  Static capacity 200-1000 kg
 Accuracy +/- 100 g  Accuracy +/- 200 g  Accuracy +/- 250 g
 Hopper volume 9010 L  Hopper volume 1400L  Hopper volume 2100 L
 Diameter Ø1200  Diameter Ø1400  Diameter Ø1600

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