JesBatch 50-200 kg

Dosing Systems and Scales

Jesma’s Micro dosing range include four sizes of JesBatch scales -50, -100, -150, and -200 kg. 

Our Micro dosing scales can be sold as a single unit or as part of a complete dosing system, where scale type is chosen based on desired capacity and hopper volume for the specific application.

 The Micro Dosing scales are

Our Micro dosing scales, JesBatch 50-200, are designed with a pneumatically activated emptying flange: the bottom consists of 2 flaps that opens in a 90 Degree angle to ensure complete emptying of the weigh bin.

Our Micro Dosing scales and weighing systems handles ingredients dosing and weighing of ingredients with focus on very high accuracy, reliable operation, and minimum cross contamination.

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The Micro Dosing Range:

Static Capacity 50 kg Static Capacity 10 0kg Static Capacity 150 kg Static Capacity 200 kg
Accuracy +/- 10 g Accuracy +/- 20 g Accuracy +/- 30 g Accuracy +/- 40 g
Hopper Volume 190 L Hopper Volume 320 L Hopper Volume 320 L Hopper Volume 500 L
Diameter Ø900 Diameter Ø900 Diameter Ø900 Diameter Ø900

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