JesBatch 2-30 kg

Dosing Systems and Scales

The Nano dosing range from Jesma includes four size JesBatch Scales -02, -10, – 20, and -30.  The type of JesBatch | Nano – Lab scale included in the complete dosing system is chosen based on capacity needs and product characteristics.

What’s special for our Nano-/Lab Dosing Scale?

The weigh bin is shaped like a bowl, so when emptying, the weigh bin is turned upside down and a pneumatic hammer is activated to ensure complete emptying between batches.

Our Lab- / nano ingredient weighing systems handles ingredients in low quantities with very high accuracy and minimum cross contamination.

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The Nano-/ Lab Dosing Sizes:

Static Capacity 0- 2 kg Static Capacity 10 kg Static Capacity 20 kg Static Capacity 30 kg
Accuracy +/- 0,5 g Accuracy +/- 2 g Accuracy +/- 2-5 g Accuracy +/- 5-10 g
Hopper Volume 5 L Hopper Volume 20 L Hopper Volume 40 L Hopper Volume 60 L
Diameter Ø300 Diameter Ø450 Diameter Ø600 Diameter Ø600

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