JesBelt A

Weigh Feeders

For Approved Weighing and Weighing with very high accuracy.

The JesBelt –A version is designed around the principles: reliability, accuracy, and linearity in the operation.  The thorough construction provides constant reliable and optimal operation conditions.

  The scale is built around a mechanically isolated weigh bridge with high precision roller and 4 load cells.  This construction provide optimal stability and accuracy during the weighing process.

  • High accuracy and reliable weighing process
  • Long lifetime
  • Complies with current EU directives
  • Approvable according to Class 0.5, 1 and 2 according to OIML R50, Welmec and MID

We offer a wide standard range; however, the JesBelt-A can also be offered as customized project designed equipment.




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