JesBelt D

Weigh Feeders

Weigh feeder ideal for small spaces – with its simple and compact construction, the JesBelt D provides a good alternative to insert a reliable weigh feeder in positions normally not accessible.

With the JesBelt-D you can choose either an open version or a version with dust tight housing. The weigh bridge between the side members and running plates is adjustable and the JesBelt-D weigh feeder is supplied with an incremental encoder ensuring optimal signal accuracy to the weighing amplifier.

Weigh feeder designed for compact space, while maintain excellent accuracy.

  • Continuous belt tensioning to ensure optimum accuracy
  • Open / dust tight housing
  • Easy maintenance and easy to replace belt.
  • 2 Standard belt widths 380/1100 mm for up to 40 m3/h and 610/1100 for up to 125 m2/h
  • Application examples: Grains, flours, gypsum, feed, minerals and more.

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