JesBelt F

Weigh Feeders

Simple, sturdy, and rigid construction ideal for heavy duty application industries such as sand – gravel – limestone – coal – rubber – waste and glass.

The JesBelt-F is good for high temperature and abrasive materials.   The Weigh feeder can handle temperatures up to 160◦C with short peaks of 200 ◦C.

The design of the JesBelt-F is based on the lever principle, which registers the rotational speed on the belt, in turn requiring the inlet to be as small as possible to be able to reach optimal accuracy during the weighing process.

The JesBelt-F is designed to

  • Be simple and easy to service
  • Allow for projected design, for example to adapt into existing production lines.
  • Include options for accessories such as scrapers for adhesive and sticky products

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