JesBelt K

Weigh Feeders

The JesBelt-K is part of Jesma’s AquaLine program and specially designed for the food, wet- and hygienic industries. The modular and simple design is easy to clean, thus ensuring that the strict hygienic standards are met.

Built-in weighing function for handling of wet and sticky products.

It is design with the food industry in mind as the belt and rollers can be dismounted and washed and is carried out in stainless steel.

While maintaining excellent accuracy, the JesBelt-K works well with different materials such as fish, meat, and vegetables.

The JesBelt-K, standard weighing solution:

  • Stainless steel executing
  • Standard belt-width of 600 mm
  • Standard Capacity up to 15 t/h
  • Accuracy +/- 1-2 %
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