JesCheck Carousel

Check Weighing

The Checkweigher ‘JesCheck-Carousel’ is designed for building into existing product lines. The checkweigher operates in a rotating cycle, thus the carousel name.

  • Optimal for weighing of products with less stable base
  • Suitable for product lines with high speed, while still weighing with high tolerances.
  • Fits where no “traditional” checkweigher can.

The weigher is compact and almost maintenance free, as it only consists of one moveable part – the carousel.

The weighing is static, as the products are standing still during weighing which gives a high accuracy of +/-0.1 – 0.5 g depending on speed and product.

The JesCheck model Carousel standard sizes:

Type JesCheck Biggest subject
Diameter x Height [mm]
Number of units pr. min
Weighing accuracy
JC-300 Ø65 x 150 80 +/- 0.1
JC-500 Ø120 x 250 60 +/- 0.2
JC-700 Ø200 x 400 50 +/- 0.5


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