JesFill 1000/1500

Big Bag Handling

 The JesFill bigbag weighing unit for filling of big bags is fully electronic weighing system consisting of f a valve, a bag clamp, a frame for lifting and lowering of the bag, a driven roller path (weighing section), a blower, a flapbox and a rack.

The product inlet is operated by a pneumatic valve, which regulates and stops the intake of material. The arms on the bag clamp are activated / closed via the capacitive sensors on eachside of the filling tube.

The big bag is placed on the bag clamp by the operator, which will affect the sensors which closers the bag clamp and starts the weighing-filling cycle.

  • Max Capacity: 1000/1500 kg
  • Division: 500 g
  • Incl. Weighing indicator IT6000E
  • Possibility for verification for trade approval OIML R61

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