Flow Scales

The JesImpact is built around a high precision load cell isolated from the mechanical structure. This makes the scale free from moving parts thus extending the lifetime of the equipment.

The JesImpact is quipped with a removable cover over the load cell, for easy access for cleaning and up-keep of vital parts.

With weighing accuracy from +/- 1-2 % within 60-100 % of the max flow, a dust tight construction and option for retrofitting into existing lines, the JesImpact is for you who has the need for weighing of free-flowing product in a vertical production setting.

What’s important when weighing with an impact weigher?

  •  A constant material flow and density.
  • The material is free-flowing, non-packing, non-fluidized/ventilated.
  •  The scale is free from discontinuous internal air flows


JesImpact-50 JesImpact-100 JesImpact-150
Max Flow rate 50 m3/h 100 m3/h 150 m3/h

For Larger capacities we recommend our VPR Impact weigher.


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