JesLoader®material loading


Efficient bulk material loading with Jesma’s JesLoader: The ultimate solution for precise silo-to-truck loading.

The Jesma JesLoader is designed for loading a pre-set amount of bulk material into a truck from multiple silos. The JesLoader is mounted on rails so it can be moved from one silo to another, loading the required amount of material from each. The JesLoader eliminates the need for mounting a scale below each silo or the need for repeated trips to a bridge scale after the filling from each silo.

The functionality of the Jesloader material loading.

After the truck has been positioned correctly, the operator enters the target loads into the control system. Jesma delivers a controller espicially developed for the JesLoader – the absolute JesLoad HMI controller consists of 2 cabinets. One placed on the JesLoader containing weighing amplifiers, PLC and positioning hardware from Siemens. The second cabinet is an operator cabinet with the SIEMENS touch HMI 9” for operator information, adjustment of parameters, status, and diagnostics.

The JesLoader will position itself correctly below the pre-programmed silo by navigating via encoder and positioning hardware from Siemens.

When the Jesloader is positioned under the silo, the entered amount of product is released into the scale as ordered through the receipt handling system.

After completed filling, the JesLoader is guided into the correct position above the truck inlet. The product will be released into the truck after accepting from the operator.

Enhanced features for streamlined operations:
  • ±0.1% static weighing accuracy.
  • Two models with capacity of 8,5 or 12 m3.
  • Adjustable inlet +100 mm vertical to ensure dust tight loading from the silos.
  • Controlled positioning using Siemens SINAMIC positioning controller to ensure correct placement of the JesLoader.

Supercharge your material loading process with Jesma’s JesLoader and harness the full potential of precise weighing, seamless integration, and increased productivity.

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