Loss in weight

Loss in weight feeders

The Jesma loss in weight feeder – fully electronic weighing system.

It is specially designed for continuous dosing of additives with a high dynamic accuracy incl. the critical stage of re-filling the weighing bin.

The functional principle for a LIW system is through repeated static weighing of the product bin to determine and regulate the mass flow. The product bin is slowly emptied, and the relationship between the loss in weight and the speed of the discharge system gives the amount signal, which controls the dosing speed to the required value.

Through careful considerations regarding product characteristics, all Jesma loses in weight feeders are designed for the highest possible dynamic accuracy, market leading operational reliability and user friendliness.

Our LIW solutions:
  • Container design: Round, Square, Conical, …
  • Coated steel st. 37.2/ Stainless steel AISI304/ Other
  • Special controller incl. LIW software
  • For feeding an extruder or pellet mill
  • Capacity range for standard solar. 200 kg – 26,000 kg/h

A loss in weight solution can be good for weighing stubborn and difficult liquid meal types.

With unknown products or limited experience with the product’s properties, Jesma offers to carry out product tests in our test center to achieve the optimal technical solution.

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