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The JesHoppper scales are designed for industrial use in modern process systems where the high degree of automation requires a solid and reliable construction.

Jesma offers a wide and varied range of hopper scales, all with a sublime finish achieved by modern design and up-to-date manufacturing facilities. Based on our many years of experience from the grain and feed industry, the Jesma hopper scales are a flexible solution for charge weighing.

The single hopper scale type JesHopper EEK consist of scale support with integrated load cells and a weigh bin.The single hopper scale is further available prepared for customer chain conveyor, or as a complete unit from Jesma including chain conveyor. The modular scale design creates high flexibility and perfect opportunities for future extensions of the scale.
The products are added successively from the feeders, and when the final charge is achieved, the material is conveyed from the scale by means of the chain conveyor in the bottom of the weigh bin.

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