JesIntake®- bulk weigher

Throughput weighers

The JesIntake series – scalable bulk weigher for efficient loading and unloading.

Jesma’s bulk weigher is specially designed for the inline weighing of powders, granulates, grain, and much more.

Jesma is known for producing and designing products taking into account the unique requirements of our customers. With high focus on operational reliability and high accuracy, we ensure optimal performance and deliver tailored solutions to meet our customers’ precise needs.

Accurate and reliable bulk weigher. 

With its ability to handle high flow rates, the JesIntake bulk weigher provides accurate and reliable results. To maximize the operational reliability the bulk weigher is equipped with elastomeric bearings, to compensate for any unbalance during operation. The fully electronic weighing system with modern filtration technology ensures a quick rest time to achieve the highest possible flow rate and accuracy.

It also offers various levels of precision to meet different requirements, including trade-approved versions compliant with MID, OIML R107, and R61 class 0.2, 0.5, or higher.

Besides trade approval options, the JesIntake bulk weigher series is available in Mild Steel St. 37.2, and Stainless Steel AISI 304. It can further be customized based on customer requirements.

Features of chosen a JesIntake bulk weigher from Jesma. 

  • The size of the scale depends on the desired capacity and characteristics of the specific project’s product.
  • We enclose all electrical installations in a dust-tight cabinet to ensure safety and durability. The JesIntake series offers 13 standard sizes to choose from.
  • The standard versions of the JesIntake series include a pre-bin with pneumatically operated outlet slides and a flanged connection for the feeding system. Additionally, it features a weigh bin with a fully electronic weighing system and pneumatically operated outlet slides.

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