VIBB/EER – Multi Roller

Belt Scales

The Jesma range of belt scales is among the widest on the market today, and with a clear strategy of supplying only fully tested equipment with market leading reliability, Jesma is able to supply belt scales that accommodate any requirement for a wide range of industries.

The multi roller belt scale type VIB/EER is designed for applications where the highest possible accuracy is required.The weigh structure is delivered as a complete unit for bolting onto the conveyor girders, and it replaces up to 4 of the conveyor belt roller sets, without changing the construction of the conveyor.

The VIBB/EER is supplied with high precision turned rollers in a rigid and sturdy frame thus providing excellent reliability, and thereby also available for trade approved applications according to MID/OIML R50 class 0.5, 1 and 2.



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