After services, scales and weighing equipment calibrated by Jesma are equipped with a calibration certificate documenting calibration and traceability, as well as results from the service visit.

We provide certificates for:

  • Regular Calibration
  • Accredited Calibration
  • Verification
  • Calibration of weights (lodder)

All certificates are done according to current regulations and requirements for documentation, and you can always get access to your certificates:

By scanning the QR-code on your weighing equipment

We apply QR-codes to both new and existing scales. By scanning the QR-code you have easy access to all certificates for both the specific scale, as well as the option to view certificates for your other weighing equipment.

By using the Jesma Extranet
Online access to your customer and product certificates, as well as the option to contact Jesma service department with questions or needs.

Do you need a login? Or do you have any questions? Contact Jesma