Jesma has a close cooperation with customers, suppliers and research institutes, and strives to offer customers the most efficient and productive weighing solution, where quality is a natural part of the delivery. Weighing and dosing technique is Jesma’s specialty, and products are designed with focus on reliability, flexibility and usability. Jesma offers standard- as well as customer specific solutions whether it is a complete dosing system or just special software for a static weighing solution.


"In our plants we have installed the most advanced technologies including the weighing system of a Danish company, Jesma. Which is used for the dosing of raw materials, premixtures, and finished... Read more


At Eurobaltic in Rügen Germany, they wished to weigh edible herrings directly from cutter and subsequently invoice the amount weighed. Eurobaltic required a weighing accuracy of +/-0.5%. As the fish... Read more

Arla Foods

Arla Foods en Samden, Dinamarca, quería mejorar la precisión en la proporción entre el flujo y la adición de aditivos. Su objetivo era simplemente lograr la mayor precisión posible entre... Read more


… As it is of vital importance for Lantmännen Unibake that the mixing ration is as indicated and always uniform, it was absolutely necessary for us to change our strategy... Read more

Dong Energy

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Danlind is one of Denmark’s leading producers of washing powder. The keywords for the company are “Continuous improvements”, which is reflected in the product quality as well as the innovation... Read more

Akzo Nobel Salt

Akzo Nobel Salt is the only salt producer in Scandinavia. At Akzo Nobel Salt they wished to measure the internal conveyance of raw materials from production to packing. Akzo Nobel... Read more

Prio Bio

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