JesBelt K

Weigh Feeder & Belt Scale

Simple design specially created for the food industry, JesBelt-K is constructed in modules and all nooks and crannies are easily accessed for cleaning.

The weighing part of a -K design is inserted into the actual construction, and by means of two single point load cells, excellent stability and accuracy is achieved.

The weigh feeder is designed for use in the food processing industry. The belt can easily be demounted, and all rollers can be dismounted and washed.

Applicable for built-in weighing function, with high accuracy, the JesBelt K can work with different materials such as fish, meat, and vegetables. With the JesBelt K weigh feeders, problems with stability and accuracy are minimized as there is no zero-offset due to product deposits.

  • Standard stainess steel AISI304
  • Standard belt width 600 mm
  • Easy to clean and service


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