Calibration and Verification

Ensure that your scales and weighing equipment is operation with highest possible accuracy.

Do you have requirements for documentation and need assistance to keep up with intervals for calibration? Jesma has the solution, we offer Service agreement, Calibration Agreement (Links to H2 Calibration) or a solution customized for your specific needs.

We calibrate with traceable weights and adjust the weight as necessary to ensure tolerances are met.

The scales are equipped with QR codes after completion of calibration / verification for quick quality control in production or in the laboratory.
Your always have access to your certificates via the QR code or the Jesma Extranet.

Jesma recommends that you regularly check whether the weight and / or weighing equipment measures correctly. We recommend calibration every year and re-verification every 4 years to ensure the highest accuracy on this weighing equipment.
Regular checking and calibration of lowering costs inaccurate weighing can cause.

We offer:
– Calibration
– Accredited Calibration
– Confirm Certificates

We calibrate and verify everything from small table scales to entire weighing systems – contact us to find out more about your options.