JesBag 1000

Big Bag handling

The JesBag 1000 – a complete unit for weighing and filling of big bags.

The JesBag 1000 is consisting of pallet magazine, roller conveyor, big bag filling station incl. weighing of the bags and a storage conveyor for up to 16 filled bags and delivered including complete electrical control.

The unit can be used for various product types such as grains, pellets, flours, granulates.

Filling of the big bags is started in the operation panel, during the filling process, when the bag is nearly full, the big bag is vibrated to remove air holes in the material and secure optimal filling, after vibration the big bag is filled until the required weight is obtained.

When the weighing sequence is finished the sack clamp and the straps on the bag are released and the big bag is standing on the pallet. The roller conveyor can be activated and transports the big bag further in the process and the operator is ready for a new filling of big bags.

Key features and benefits:
  • Capacity 20 – 50 per hour depending on the size of the big bags
  • Verified for trade approval
  • Incl. Control system with weighing and filling software
  • Can handle different pallet sizes if needed
  • Option for system with weighing in pre-bin
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